I found a new favorit mountain view point, and i want to share that with you. Guess what, it's in the heart of my homeland Vorarlberg (Austria) in Dornbirn. It's very easy and comfortable to get there. There is a very good webcam on top, perfect to plan your phototrip. (mehr …)

Posted on Januar 15, 2017 by Philipp in Location Tip

I was searching for a new camera and a good - not too expensive - alround lens to start and to shoot in most situations, from landscapes to portraits. And i wanted to shoot fullframe. My decsicion fell on the Nikon D800. Now i had to find a lens which can handle the 36 MP sensor of that outstanding camera. A friend told me, that he shoots every pic on the D800 with a monopod to get those huge amount of pixels sharp. So i wanted a fast lens (f/1.4) to solve that problem. (mehr …)

Posted on August 24, 2013 by Philipp in Gear Reviews

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